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Masaru Naruse (Dyer)
1954 Born in Matumoto
,Nagano Prefecture,Japan,
Artistic name of maker "silkgallery"

When I was a student of Waseda University, I involved with stage art. This is precisely how I started having an interest in art.
At the age of 25, I have decided to have intensive training to become a traditional Japanese fabric-dyeing artist under my master’s
supervision. It has been nearly 30 years since I started my career as a fabric-dyeing artist with my own studio,
the "Silkgallery", after 10 years of training. I have held personal exhibitions all over Japan.
I certainly appreciate the value of the traditional art. However, the ultimate theme of my work as an artist is to create wearable art which ,
hopefully, can be a little help to those Japanese women who wish to work on a global scale with pride as a Japanese national.

Solo exhibitions
2008 Masaru Naruse Dyeing Exhibition Gallery Nozawa Kyoto Japan
Masaru Naruse Dyeing Exhibition Art Complex Hall Tokyo Japan
2023 Masaru Naruse Dyeing Exhibition Industrial Trade Centre Hamamatsucho Pavilion

Art fairs

2014  Kimono Salone Tokyo Mitsui Hall Tokyo Japan
2015  Wart Nihonbashi Tokyo Mitsui Hall Tokyo Japan
2017  Tokyo KImono Show Tokyo Mitsui Hall Tokyo Japan
2018  Tokyo Kimono Show Tokyo Mitsui Hall Tokyo Japan
Tokyo Kimono Show Tokyo Mitsui Hall Tokyo Japan

1999 Goverment of Tokyo Awards
2001 Tokyo Chamber of Commerce President's Award
2002 Shinjyukuaward President AWards
Tokyo dyed fabric Exhibition Tokyo Japan

At the "Asian Peace Art Exhibition" held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia,
mywork "Tsujigahana/Deepblue Forest" received the highest award, the Embassy of Japan Award in Cambodia.
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Homage to the United States of America: 196 countries will join the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Paralympic Games. To welcome them, Japanese artists have produced "Furisode" (long-sleeved Kimono) , one artist for one country. Being in charge of the US, I designed & dyed 50 kinds of flowers from each state.
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"Deep Blue world" : Long dress with original print by computer-controlled jacquard (100 cm in width) Not only for Japanese women but also for women all over the world.
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Aurora and Milky Way: Created by the theme of "Deep Blue", symbol color of the Silkgallery Mysterious color reminds us of great galaxy.
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Requiem: Animals have been watching aftereffects of the Nuclear Power Plant accident In ?ukushima, Japan on March 11th, 2011. Even if we forget that day, animals never forget ...... (1055 x 1678mm)

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Bridal household goods: For the Princess of Tokugawa Family in Edo Era, For example, cosmetics, furniture, stationery, clothes and toys. etc. Drawn on the original white textile.